VPN, which is short for Virtual Private Network, is a way of connecting to a remote server and accessing online content through it as an alternative to doing it directly. Basically, the server acts as a proxy, so provided that you have a Virtual private network client on your pc or mobile device and you type in the necessary login info to be able to connect to the hosting machine, you can browse internet sites or download files that you may not be able to access at all directly. Some internet sites and online services, for instance, are available only in certain countries, so if you are not able to access them, you'll be able to use a VPN, or a server, which is situated inside that country. This way it'll look like you're accessing the service/website from the country and you may get around the restrictions. There are businesses that offer VPNs as an individual service, but we have made a decision to offer the service with our hosting packages, which means that if you host your internet sites on our servers, you can leverage the Virtual private network access we provide 100 % free.

VPN Traffic in Shared Hosting

In case you use a shared hosting service from our company, you could find the VPN hosting servers list and the login credentials which you ought to use within the respective section of your Hepsia Control Panel. We keep expanding the number and the location of the hosting machines constantly, so with simply a few mouse clicks you can mask your actual location and appear as if you're in New York or Amsterdam, for instance. This service shall give you more freedom since you'll be able to access any content which is restricted inside your country either by your Internet provider or by the website offering a particular service and all it requires to accomplish this is to be able to connect to any of our hosting machines. We also provide a tool, that will filter all images and any adverts that show up on a given website so as to enhance your loading speed and to save you the extra traffic from content which you may not want to see. Our service offers you the chance to access any blog, streaming service or social network around the globe without difficulty.