A Control Panel is a web-based interface via which you can handle various aspects of your presence online. As an illustration, you could set up or change website files, set up and check email messages, control databases, check visitor stats and so on. Those things are executed through buttons and menus inside a browser and the CP may also be called ‘back office’, i.e. the administrative area associated with your web hosting account. Most of the Control Panels these days will permit you to manage all hosting-related matters, but you shall normally require a different system to handle payments or to get a new domain when the company offers domain registrations. Based on the platform they employ, you could be able to use the billing account to open a support ticket to ask a question or to troubleshoot and fix a problem also, or you may have to employ a 3rd system.

Multilingual Control Panel in Shared Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, provided with our shared hosting, is not third-party software. It was designed by our experienced developers based on user feedback and the result is an all-in-one software instrument, that'll enable you to control files and email messages, to renew payments, to register domain addresses and to open trouble tickets from one location, so you can just forget about employing different systems to do something as basic as obtaining a new domain and hosting it. We have also made comprehensive instructional videos, that will show you first-hand how to complete various things if you haven't used an Internet hosting account before. A lot of features are accessible via right-click menus and due to the fact that Hepsia is quite intuitive to use, controlling your account will be as basic as administrating content on your home PC. Various templates are available and you may choose a desired language choosing among Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian and others. Also, you may also move the different sections around and set them up in accordance with your taste.